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Transformation "CGM" 
A 30 Day Challenge inspired by the principles of the 75 Hard—mixed with the scientific approach of CGMs (continuous glucose monitors) to achieve faster weight loss, with fewer frustrations and setbacks. 

With Kristina Hess, MS, CNS, LDN

Lean Out
In this program you choose your own diet program to follow strictly for 30 days.

You will also receive a CGM (continuous glucose monitor) to gain a deep insight into your metabolism, so you can achieve your weight loss goals faster than anything you've tried before. 

 Participants of the original Transformation 42 challenge lost between 4-25lbs in 6 weeks. You will lose just as much (if not, more) in fewer days thanks to your CGM. 

Not sure which diet is best for you? There are options to figure it out.

Get Support
The Transformation 42 Challenge is delivered via a private Facebook group. 
*Daily Accountability + Inspiration
*Expert interviews
*Educational content
*Group support
*Recipe Ideas
*FB Live Q&A
*Tracker Journal
*Sugar Detox Course

You will also receive 2 private follow-up consultations with me, to help you analyze your CGM data, and make a permanent plan to lose weight (and keep it off), improve your metabolic health, sleep better, and feel amazing. 

Feel Amazing
*Clean up your act
*Use a workable framework
*Lean out
*Fit in your clothes
*Increase energy
*Boost confidence
*Improve blood work
*Improve your metabolic health
*Sleep better
*Reduce your risk of preventable diseases 
*Enhance your mood
*And more

What Do I Have to Do?

Master Your Mind & Metabolism
These are the guidelines of this challenge. If you're already making excuses for workarounds for your alcoholic beverages and cheat meals, this is probably not for you.  That being said, we are seeking progress, not perfection right? 

More than anything, this is a MINDSET challenge rather than a weight loss challenge. 

Can you keep promises to yourself? Can you keep a commitment?  

How a CGM Speeds Up Weight Loss  

Did you know that most people make 227 food decisions—each and every day?

Yes, you read that right! 

Two hundred and twenty-seven food decisions. Daily. 

This statistic comes from a study published from Cornell University. And the details of the study—where people underestimated their daily food decisions by an average of over 221 decisions and overate 31% more food than they realized (of which 21% denied that they overate at all)—are even more shocking. 

In fact, this even gives us clues into the obesity epidemic: 

Perhaps it’s not so much of an obesity epidemic as it is a mindless eating one, which inevitably causes obesity!

Here’s why I bring it up:

Despite most people’s brazen unawareness with how many food decisions they make (and I can hardly blame them, even I was shocked to learn that we make 227 food decisions every day), your body is fully aware of each and every one of these 227 decisions. 

For example, every single food decision you make—from #1 all the way up to #227—impacts your blood sugar. Certain foods that make your blood sugar drop deplete your energy. And the reverse is equally as bad: Foods that raise your blood sugar too high can result in your body storing fat. 

To make matters worse… 

Everyone has a unique metabolism, and while some foods are healthy for some people, they can create havoc for others. For example, when I went vegan (and ate what you’d consider “healthy” foods), I broke several bones, saw my energy collapse, and lived in a constant state of brain fog. But keto reversed all of these problems for me. 

Long story short: Nutrition is hard and individualized. Not to mention, there’s a variety of factors—like your stress levels, sleep quality, exercise consistency, and more—that can impact your metabolism and how your body reacts and feels. 

But you know what? 

Thanks to my recent partnership with Signos, a health tech company who specializes in something called the “CGM” or continuous glucose monitor, helps track your unique metabolism’s needs and responses to all the above factors (and more) in real-time! 

That means… 

For all 227 food decisions you make in a given day, your Signos CGM will provide real-time feedback on how your body actually responds. 

The result?

Weight falls off your body... faster. 

Your energy levels soar. 

Your sleep improves. 

You reduce your risk of every type of preventative disease caused by obesity.

And even your mood improves, with each and every bite you take. 

Best part? 

Their app can also reveal micro-changes to your daily lifestyle to keep your glucose stable. 

By joining the Transformation "CGM" Challenge, you will receive your own Signos CGM, two private follow-up consultations with me, and an invite to our private Facebook Group, where we will be following a shorter, 30-day approach to the Transformation 42 Challenge so many of you already know and love. 

Let's get you RESULTS!

Let me introduce myself...

My name is Kristina Hess and I'm a licensed dietitian & clinical nutritionist. 

After nearly a decade, running a wellness challenge like this one is still one of my favorite things to do!  It makes me light up when my clients achieve the results they have been dreaming about, and feel much more confident and excited about life.  

I have a functional and integrative approach which simply means that I consider the whole person:  how all your systems are interconnected (starting with healthy digestion) and also factor in your stress, your environment, your lifestyle and the ways these variables impact your health.  

As your guide and coach, I will teach you to unlearn the flawed nutrition information that continues to circulate.  I love to educate because knowledge truly is power.  

In this particular challenge program, you get to pick your own dietary plan but if you're struggling to identify what would be best for you, please consider setting up a private session with me.  I also offer the Nutrition Genome test which outlines which dietary path would be best for your genetics.  I look forward to seeing you inside the challenge! 
The Transformation "CGM" Challenge will 
turbo-boost your health efforts
Having the right framework, data, and accountability group makes all the difference.

You are responsible for your own results.


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